Mohsen, A viewer from Iran  
Ali Abed, Founder of Hope of Persia Ministries

Ali was born in a devout Muslim family in Iran. He received Jesus as his Lord and savior in 1985. Few years later through a dream, the Lord called him to ministry. “...After surrendering to the Lord, I prayed and asked Him to show me in a dream about His plan and calling for my life. That night the Lord gave me a dream that forever changed the direction of my life. In my dream that felt very real, I found myself in a place in the sky. There were white steps leading to a door in the sky, and great crowds in the courtyard that led to the steps. They were running around in preparation, announcing, “Get ready, get ready, Jesus is coming!” These people were wearing white robes and were getting in line just like soldiers do before their commander would arrive.
I was standing there watching everything that was happening and one of the men came to me and told me to get in line and get ready; the Lord is coming. He pointed to a space in the straight line that was reserved for me. By this time I was very excited to get in line like a soldier ready and waiting for our commander to arrive.
I knew that He was coming from the right side, so I was looking in that direction and awaited His coming. I sensed His coming was very soon and if I were to get distracted I miss His passing by. All excited about this whole event, I thanked God in my heart that I obeyed him and didn’t pursue my own dreams. All of a sudden my joy turned into a feeling of desperation. It occurred to me that I didn’t have anything to present to Jesus when he would arrive. With a sense of despair I cried out from the bottom of my heart and said, “WHAT SHALL I DO? I DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO PRESENT TO JESUS AS A GIFT?” Suddenly the scene changed and I saw myself in my hometown in Iran preaching to a crowd of Muslims, male and female, young and old, and was telling them, “Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming, and you’ve got to believe me He is coming.” And I ran to the men in the crowd, grabbed them by their collar and shook them as I was trying to wake them up and was telling them Jesus was coming. When I looked in their eyes, they looked like the living dead.  There was no life in their eyes. But as I preached to this crowd, I woke up and since then I knew that the Lord was calling me to ministry to Muslims. Since then Jesus has confirmed His calling on my life on numerous occasions”.

Mohsen is a man in his 70's. He called our prayerline from Iran after viewing our TV program on satellite. He said I only have one fear, and that is the fear of death. The counsleor talked to him about Jesus Christ conquering death and the grave... and asked him to read the gospel of  John with an open heart and prayed with him that the Lord would reveal Himself to Mohsen. About two weeks later he called and was very excited to share that he read the gospel of John and he has given his heart to the Lord. He said I have the assurance of salvation and I am not afraid of  death anymore.  He asked for explanation about the Trinity. After talking to him about the nature of God, the counselor suggested that he pray about it.  After a while he called back with another great testimony. He said I prayed and asked God to help me understand the Trinity. He said, later I had a dream. In my dream I saw a throne in the sky. There was someone sitting on it who was covered with a bright light. And I saw another person  on his right side. He said in my dream, I knew the person on the throne was God the Father and the one on His right side was Jesus Christ. But he did not see the Holy Spirit. So in his dream he said: I see the Father and the son, but where is the Holy Spirit?  Suddenly he heard a voice saying, I am the one who is showing you the Father and the Son!